3rd Degree
"Hi Energy"

3rd Degree<br>"Hi Energy"
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Listen to SONG 1: Hi Energy
Listen to SONG 2: What Could Happen
Listen to SONG 3: Conversation Peace

ALL SONGS produced by Wiz 1 for 80nine'til
Often regarded by peers as "one of the most underrated MC?s," 3rd Degree aka Shaydie of the Urbanties has been laboring in the Los Angeles underground with his for almost a decade. Described as a balance of Street and B-boy punctuated by a "golden voice," 3rd Degree is prolific writer and a true MC's MC.

As a founding member of the Los Angeles based crew, the Blak Forest, Shaydie 3rd Degree has contributed stellar lyrics to both albums "You Are Now Entering" (Skanless Records 1997), and "Without Further Adieu" (Blak Forest 2001). 3rd Degree has also released a solo EP "This That and the Third" (Blak Forest 2001), and an EP with his group the Urbanites "Pure Pressure" (Wild West 2000). 3rd Degree and LMNO of the Visionaries paired up for an unforgettable vocal routine on DJ Rhettmatic's "From the Ground Up," the popular single from the "World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. II" album.

3rd Degree's 3 song 12 inch single on Up Above Records brings forth a soundtrack for the b-boy/girl culture, and heads are discovering this emerging MC's talents worldwide.